Trump Removes Bannon!

“Bannon is Toast!”

“Bannon, the President’s Jockstrap, is removed!’

Figured I would go with a more traditional headline. Bannon is gone! But, if you dismiss the architect of the white nationalist machine, the scaffolding won’t automatically collapse. Bannon’s gone, an architect turned figurehead turned back to his pre-2017 self…which isn’t much different than now.

It’s hard to determine how much of a change Bannon’s departure will cause. Like most things in Trump world, departures are cosmetic. Trump will still have to appease the crazy folk nostalgic for diners that only had white people in them.

More as it develops!

Trump Supporters “A Man Who Can Do No Wrong”

Apparently, Trump supporters believe that their go-to guy isn’t capable of a wrongful action. Charlottesville might indeed be the catalyst for his ascent, or maybe the catalyst was a single explosive tweet during the campaign trail. Hard to say.

But, if he can’t commit a wrong, why not fire Bannon? Seems like he is terribly insecure about his position without the white nationalist as chief strategist. We see here that Trump’s success is intimately intertwined with the rhetoric of white nationalist fire. Seems that as long as Trump sticks to being the champion for the alt-right, he will be able to avoid scrutiny from his base. The cardinal rule is that as long as that hateful political ideology is adhered to, his followers will construct narratives that justify all other actions. Bannon might be dispensed with at some point, or it could be that Bannon will manipulate Trump’s political insecurities to maintain his position. Bannon isn’t need. That’s the scary part. Was he ever?

It’s my belief that he secured his following on the campaign trail. His behavior could’ve strayed drastically from that polluted road, and the base would’ve remained intact. To me, it is clear that Trump’s followers have been living in a fantasy land. The only question is, for how long? To them, that presidential, winding road was all they needed. Words gave them security. Everything else be damned. Even if those words were taken away now, the magical figurehead sleeps soundly.

Don’t know what to say. It’s a little sad, honestly. All that buyer’s remorse in the world doesn’t matter. The “Art of the Deal” ¬†author expressed his remorse about complicity. It could be that remorse is too little, too late, too easily washed away.

Is there any turning back?



Trump’s Whining about the Removal of Confederate Statues

Trump bemoaned the removal of Confederate statues from various US cities, saying that those actions will dismantle US History and Culture. What’s wrong with erasing paragons of bigotry? History doesn’t justify losers (racists).

As if to strengthen his stance, he likens Stonewall Jackson to the Founding Fathers. In essence, he is using that conveniently venerated history to justify the current vehemently racist climate. The far right seems to say “We invoke history when we wish to do so.” Just wait ’til next week. Trump will bash Washington, throwing him into a grave without hope of reprieve (unless he is needed again).

Note that he’s playing the victim on behalf of his constituents, but also for himself. But this perpetual victimhood can’t obscure an interesting contradiction. When has Trump cared about the preservation of the environment or that of US History? I’m waiting for the inevitable clash. What happens when a strip mall needs to be built where a Confederate statue stands?

Trump also uses the pathetic excuse that his “both sides” statement was misinterpreted. Not really. In fact, it was interpreted correctly by many people. It doesn’t seem even remotely defensible to suggest that white supremacy and the death of a protestor are morally equivalent. When you force an equivalence in an atmosphere you’ve opposed (quite strongly, with deep, deep racist overtones), you are essentially condoning racism and hate-laced ideology. You know it. And rather than clear up that “misinterpretation” (which doesn’t exist), he simply repeats that he has been misinterpreted to obscure that fact. Repetition is the enemy of context.

In the wake of happened in Charlottesville, President Trump is deepening his political hole. Will the bigots lend a helping hand?

Is David Duke Puppeteer of Trump Presidency?

President Donald J. Trump has yet to lash out at David Duke’s stern tweets, which stated that white voters installed him into the presidency, not radical leftists.

The way I see it, David Duke, Former KKK leader, is straining the executive branch with a weighty ass. He believes himself to be the puppeteer. Trump, in his infinite silence, is nodding in assent.

How many puppeteers does Trump have? Putin? Duke? Who is next? The rise of Trump/Bannon was merely a harbinger to Charlottesville.

Will Trump be the mangy puppet metaphorically torn apart by his many masters revealing the rancid white supremacist crust underneath?

He is mangy.

Regarding Charlottesville: President Trump is a Coward

White nationalists decided that violence and death was the right answer in Charlottesville yesterday. After a tumultuous rally was broken up, a vehicle sliced through crowds at a pedestrian mall, leaving a 32-year-old woman dead. According to the New York Times, at least 34 were injured.

To add insult to tragedy, President Trump, perpetual coward, denounced the violence “on many, many sides.”

David Duke took a vile stand on Twitter, as if he were parting the Red Sea, to say that white voters put him where he is, not radical leftists. You know, you’d think that with Trump’s penchant for narcissistic injury he would go after someone challenging the executive branch. But nope.

Is David Duke the puppeteer to the Trump presidency? He’d certainly like to think so. Donald J. Trump has yet to prove him wrong.

Because of Trump’s flame-splitting vitriol on the campaign trail and subsequent pathological cowardice, he is complicit in Charlottesville and any white supremacist-inspired violence that follows.

Three Dead in Charlottesville White Nationalism Attack

  • Three dead
  • Two police officers died in helicopter crash
  • One killed after a vehicle ripped through crowds at a pedestrian mall (19 injured)
  • Driver identified as Alex Fields of Ohio.

White nationalists clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. The end result is three dead and almost two dozen injured because they gave a white supremacist madman a driver’s license.

Can’t count on dear old POTUS to denounce the threat for what it is. “Violence on many sides.”


As if that wasn’t absurd enough, Trump’s fence-sitting comment earned him a strong rebuke from David Duke. Tweets below.

“So, after decades of White Americans being targeted for discriminated & anti-White hatred, we come together as a people, and you attack us?”

“I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.”

Are there even words for something like this? This little act of domestic terror was heinous enough, but add the horrific responses from Duke’s lily white world onto Trump’s “diplomatic” whitewashing, and you might as well cover the United States with one big, white sheet.

Some people will try.

Should We “Calm Down” about North Korea?

  • US deployments remain the same in the region
  • Alert status has not changed
  • Channels of communication between US and North Korea are open

Doesn’t look like verbal hostilities will cease, until either diplomacy wins out or that big blinding fireball rips apart the horizon. Trump supporters love that kind of tough talk, finding in him a man that will stick up for them when no one else will.

But, it isn’t clear if:

  • Trump will “stick up” for Guam
  • His supporters realize the magnitude of the situation (of Guam and Earth in general)
  • If we’ll all be annihilated.

You know things are serious when I sandwich a paragraph between rows of bullet points. While it’s true that it’s very common for Presidents to adhere to a “brand” probably in crisis situations the best solution would be to deviate from that when it comes to an emerging nuclear threat.

To answer the initial question. Should we “calm down”? Yeah. Probably. Might not be a bad idea. If the verbal “fire and fury” keeps up though, both from supporters and from Trump, mass hysteria seems like a good response.