At last, a Treasure for the Ages

He was introduced to this new world via a gilded sarcophagus
Renown was his, but all that mattered was the golden present
Truth hid among the treasures, sequestered in the gaps created by incredible luxury
Everything glittered, and his name glittered on everything

Others wanted credit too
After all, they worked just as hard
Toiled under the baking ball
Or allowed themselves to be festooned with debris

Well, maybe a little credit to placate them
It would keep morale up
At a decent desirable level
His name would still be at the top
That was acceptable

That night a wind of vicious vengeance came
Darkness pulled the world down to the greatest oceanic depths
Just for a second

No lamps flickered
But all the possessions of a great man seemed to glitter
They were being stolen along with an old man’s breath
What an injustice
Death, then fame
This couldn’t be happening


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