Everything Changed, Part 3

She wandered closer to the cluster of vehicles. Claw marks had tainted their once cheery exteriors. But what was their use in the past world? She wanted to say transport, but wasn’t sure. The word sounded alien and her tongue felt heavy as she prepared to speak it.

The moaning from somewhere behind the vehicles forced her tongue to remain inactive. These things were vicious when roused, and she had to be careful. Vicious and tenacious. One had followed her for four days once. She just didn’t have the strength to kill it. Something else presumably did.

But now there was more than one. At least two or three. And she was even weaker. She decided to shamble away, making her way to the grocery store. It was a greater risk, but the payoff could potentially be huge. She might even be able to get her mind back.

The sign said “O-Mart.” She saw too many shadows lingering behind the front door, so decided to try her luck with the rear entrance. The setting sun was still baking her skin as she made her way to the back of the store. Not as much moaning back here. Other sounds, but not moaning. Something strange was happening. It sounded like a tire was being stripped to its bald state.

She wasn’t scared, though. A different predator was preferable to the usual fare.


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