Travel Plans: Craggy Gardens

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Everyday Strange

Whenever my friend Jorge visits my husband and I down here in Charlotte, he always has the same single request. Show me something I can’t see back home. During his last visit, that something was Craggy Gardens, a group of mountain peaks 20 miles from Asheville, NC.

To visit, take the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway to the Craggy Gardens visitors center. From there ther are several trails to explore, but if you take the The Craggy Garden Trail, you will pass though a rhododendron tunnel exotic enough to belong in an island destination. We were so exited to see it that we forgot that the trail would actually lead somewhere, in this case to fantastic views of the surrounding Smokey Mountains.

Since the Craggy Gardens area is higher in elevation the weather can change quickly, so come prepared. During my visit it went from light rain to fog, before the…

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