A Tragic Ball of Fur

Majesty was leading the way
Ignoring the ever-fracturing green emerald above
Capping their ambitions, making them seem small and pointless
But Majesty only had one
To get to a safe spot
To ride out that profusion of color

It was becoming more fidgety
With each second the storm developed
The tail would be birthed
A freak that the rest of nature hated

Majesty knew that tail would be malicious
Its origins were too quick to ponder
Quickness and order were strange bedfellows

The student tried to keep up with Majesty
The canine was loosing all sense of loyalty
Only that rapidly evolving center was anchoring
It to reality

A cabin on fairly high ground
A bark, a tremor from all four limbs
Majesty’s eyes were terrifying
Dark, huge, and asymmetrical
Its demented mind changing a fixed and friendly face

The student was afraid of her loyal companion
But maybe it would ride out its insanity in the corner
And tomorrow it would be friendly again
Even if permanently, slightly unhinged




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