If all goes well

Standing at the edge of a field
The student wondered how the storm would develop
Would it spawn a tri-state tornado?
What would happen then?
A mini-apocalypse becoming part of the town’s varied
And fascinating history?

Maybe a tourist booth would be placed at the epicenter of the disaster
After it was all said and done
“The great twister of ’97 cut a swath through the supermarket belt”

How long would the threatening dark tail last
Against that great green sky?
And certainly in the best case scenario
The other two states would compete
Saying their disaster was more spectacular
The economic fallout could be immense, the student thought

But the clouds were starting to swirl
The lightning offering a ball of non-stop flickering
Something intense was happening

Her dog bristled at the flashing center ball
Almost communicating with it
That would be silly though
More terrifying than a tri-state leviathan

Majesty barked
Ready to become one with the abyss
Or asking it to take a detour


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