Donald Trump is legislative molasses–So is Impeachment Really the Answer?

I’ve thought about this–at least for a couple of minutes. For very obvious reasons, Donald Trump is molasses to the legislative process. Seems to me that this should make Democrats content. Every little infusion of chaos freezes the legislative body, or slows them down to a great degree. While he might have seemed like a pleasant distraction so that the public wouldn’t focus on the Machiavellian legal overhauls such as the Republicans’ version of healthcare (just look at what they’re attempting to do to people with disabilities), he has proven to simply highlight congressional turpitude (I hope I sounded like a Washington Post journalist just now. I’ve always wanted to be one.)

More to the point, if Donald Trump is impeached and replaced by Mike “place a fence around mike” Pence, the legislative process would probably go much more smoothly for Republicans, at least until the 2018 midterm elections. Perception of political pundits has largely been about “the lesser of two evils.” In this case, I’m not sure Pence can rise to the challenge (of being legislative molasses).






  1. You have a very valid point. I’ve often thought the same. Like he is already in office, damage is already being done, but if we get Mike Pence in there will be more damage. Congress are the true runners of this country, and with Mike they would get away with all they are trying to achieve. People should really do research about who is all in Congress when it’s time to vote.


    1. Yeah, it seems like a very precarious situation. If Trump remains president, the dangerous cult of personality around him will only grow. If he is impeached, well…basically what you said. Some weird hysteria helped to bring Trump to power, but there’s a very similar kind demanding his impeachment. It’s like even his enemies would prefer to focus on his phosphorescent personality rather than maybe threats that have the potential to be far more dangerous.

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      1. There is no win in either situation. May as well go with the devil we know (Trump). The country may be able to recover later on, but I’m not certain the country would if Mike Pence became president. This country is already in disarray, might as well not make it worse than what it is. I find that most of the individuals that have a problem with Trump are some of the one’s that voted for him.


      2. Yeah. What’s scary is that there is a core that doesn’t seem to be wavering from him (thanks breitbart). It’s good that some of his former supporters are finally waking up, but it’s not happening quickly enough.

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