A Radiatin’ Man

On one obscure October day
The world experimented with a boy
He wasn’t a man just yet
But the sun had different plans
It would transform him into something out of the ordinary

It looked like the sun anyway
At least something spectacular and grandiose
So a cacophony rolled in and didn’t move away
And the light became brighter, waiting for skin to cease

His world became obsessed with color
With pomp and a transcendent celestial bulb
Radiating promise
Even his clothes became tainted by
Vibrant reds and blues
Shoes with orange laces
Anything to suggest youth and change

He had a few good years left
Maybe the sun an inch away from his face
Would be merciful and let him stay



3 Replies to “A Radiatin’ Man”

  1. Wonderfully crafted. Splendid poetry. Loving the way that you intertwine those letters into an intricate piece of art, sinking readers into the beauty that you have conjured with your very own hands. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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