Ebb and Flow of Writing

The last post I made on here was 9 days ago. I think this is because I’ve resumed writing on my novel again and have a difficult time juggling many creative projects and sustaining interest in them simultaneously.

What a monumental task this has been! It started out as a short story, then I wrote an extension to that story. Not satisfied with that, I wrote a replacement for that extension, only to finally decide to merge the two and write a novel.

So far I’ve finished one novella, (which was actually one long poem with not very good dialogue), and have one attempt at a novel languishing on my Google Drive, as well as this current project.

I think what I might do is post on this blog once a week, using it as a sort of “creative vacation” from this novel that I’m working on.

Hmm. Sounds like a plan. Too bad though that I can’t write this hot and overly buggy summer away. That would be nice.


5 Replies to “Ebb and Flow of Writing”

  1. I’m also writing a novel! It’s good but can really take up you’re time can’t it ahah! It’d be good if you posted bits of it on here! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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    1. What’s your novel about? Mine is more of a personal story with surreal elements, combined with a little bit of horror and scifi. It can be exciting to write about, but a little confusing too since you’re not quite sure where the story will go.

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      1. Ooh it sounds really good! Mines about a girl whose sister goes missing and she goes on a mission to mind her kidknapper. At the same time her teacher goes on the same mission, but by trying to find his own missing sister x


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