President Trump, Our Beleaguered POTUS

Beset with difficulties
Not diffident
Nor remorseful
He traipses across the vast clay territory
Not quite judicious
Not exactly seeking redemption

Our Beleaguered POTUS pens a letter
The ink a never-ending supply of reprisal
What is a man to do when the plain folds up and turns to the sky?

Loyalty is trending now
A mighty royal word only used in the worst of cases
Redefined constantly by a blue-blooded bastard*

*But trump (with a lowercase “t”) isn’t royalty. Has it ever occurred to “the people” that such historical analogies fuel the narrative of being untouchable, superior, and above it all? An abusive, inconsistent, dunderhead of a king is still a king, right? And sometimes, we tend to respect authority when it is consistently and severely abused.

Is trump (again, with a lowercase “t”) a king? Hardly. But you never know, his vice-laden successor might become one.

The quiet threat always seems less important than the most colorful one. Mike Pence is the grey, lifeless soldier. trump, the not exactly charismatic but hard to ignore former real estate mogul with a mysterious past that is always up for reinterpretation.


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