DACA, Trump, and Appeasing His Slimy Base

He Who Hath No Compassion has decided to rescind DACA. Trump added a six-month delay for the program, thinking that somehow compensates for being a heartless bastard. The six month delay masquerades to some as a “healthy compromise,” but it is anything but. If Trump puts a halt to DACA, which he most surely will, does that mean that applicants will be able to apply for renewals within that period?

Some have said that President Trump has “agonized” over this decision. However, he has consistently shown sympathy for the imaginary blight of his base, rather than the severe problems facing minorities. It doesn’t seem like he is capable of making a decision that contradicts that narrow-minded strip of consciousness known as “Trump’s base.”

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Charlottesville showed most people what side he is on. David Duke wields the executive branch now. So long “let’s not take him literally” Trump. Hello David Duke.

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