Deciding to Get Back into the Blogging Game

Haven’t written a blog post in a long, long time. I’ve decided to write a fairly boring one, just to flex those muscles again! Not sure what to write about. I live in the country now. That’s a start. It’s very quiet. I hear the ticking of clocks, like the kind you’d read about in the prologue to a horror story.

If nothing else, those maddening “tick tocks” give your brain a much-needed background in which to think.

Let’s see. I’m trying to figure out the direction of this blog, and whether or not it makes sense to start a new one. I think it does. But then, once I’ve started another blog, I need to find a topic that anchors it. Simple right? So many topics seem worth the time it takes to research and write a post. Well, at least I’m back in the game. That’s the hard part. Or the easy part. I’m not sure yet.

5 Replies to “Deciding to Get Back into the Blogging Game”

  1. When you look at what has been transpiring in this country (and perhaps for a very long time but not with so much media attention as we have today), there is a lot to write about. I am simply gobsmacked by what is happening in government and how society just watches the country lose every bit of credibility that it has, bit by bit, day by day. The scariest part isn’t because it’s happening but that it’s allowed to happen. Where are the leaders with morals? Where are the leaders that look beyond preserving their jobs? The swamp has been exposed full on – I give the Orange one credit for that – and credit for promoting it – perpetuating it. As he sits there stuffing his face with junkfood, I can only imagine that he’s laughing at all of this, all the while engaging in backdoor deals to boost his own wealthy reserve. It’s a scam and we continue to be taken for a ride. Many thanks for visiting my blog for it has lead me to yours. I quite enjoy reading up on politics and find the current state of affairs sadly comical. Keep on writing your thoughts (until Orange takes away the right of free speech completely) – I will look forward to reading them!

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    1. I like how you call him “Orange”! It’s very fitting. But he’s more than just a bad tan spray job. He’s POTUS, unfortunately.

      What’s scary is that white nationalists are emboldened by him, and simply because Roy Moore lost, doesn’t mean his soul doesn’t live on in Republican politics.

      While Orange is the New White makes backroom deals and perpetuates an extreme pro-corporation government, he’s telling other, incredibly destructive ideologies to hop along for the ride. What’s happening in the US is larger than one man, though he is accelerating it.

      Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. I enjoyed yours as well!


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