Senator Tom Cotton and The Not So Insidious Transformation of America

Sometimes, it takes the prospective appointment of an incredibly sinister character to show how far things have deteriorated already. While the last year seemed like it offered insidious changes to the way the United States government worked, sadly we’ve gotten used to them.

The possibility that Senator Tom Cotton could become the director of the CIA seems very disheartening, even more so than the appointments of Steve Bannon and the like. Maybe it’s the fact that Pompeo claimed it’s imperative for the CIA to alter itself to become a “much more vicious agency.”

This guy (Cotton) summed up:

So we are coupling this far-right ideologue (aka, proponent of chaotic authoritarianism) with what will surely become an incredibly fanged agency. Fangs upon fangs. Toughness. Ruthlessness.

I was getting used to the Twitter barrages. Then comes another shocker. Makes Rex Tillerson’s State Department look anemic and weak by comparison, a work of sheer spite, incompetence, and with a bit of acquiescence thrown in. Let’s not even mention Pompeo, another fierce firebrand (one of those journalistic bombshell words that doesn’t strike at the heart of it) is heading to the State Department.

Back to the Twitter barrages. Is this the pattern? A shock to the system, just barely getting used to it, then another shock gets tossed into the pit? An aggressive administration re-fanging an institution like the CIA is never a good thing. The administration hasn’t been good for anyone, so why would the CIA follow suit?

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