Roy Moore Glorifies Slavery

Surprise, surprise. Roy Moore has made another  “conveniently” controversial remark. It re-surfaced in a tweet.

According to this compromised man, America was great during the era of slavery because families had a deeper sense of unity and caring. Does that ring on his finger transport him back in time, or something? Roy Moore has also disparaged Native Americans and Asians. So, along with this sexual perversions, we are dealing with a white nationalist. What an epic disaster this guy is. We’ve worried about hurricanes in the past, but this guy will be off-the-charts destructive if he manages to get into office.

I suppose even if Moore fails at the task at hand, he will still have an impact. This person won the Republican primaries after all, even though his opponent outspent him. Then, since he will spin his failure into a narcissistic kind of victimhood, he would be well-equipped to run for another government office.

The most boring, least existential question is, will this help out Doug Jones? I mean, the most anxiety-inducing questions have already been answered. Despite victory or failure in this particular instance, America’s society has skewed decidedly to the right.

There’s no orientation there. The compass is shot.

Roy Moore, in spirit or person, here we come.


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