Roy Moore: Trump’s Large, Beautiful Christmas Present

President Donald J. (as in, “jelly doughnut “) Trump is certainly going out of his way to get Roy Moore elected. As if having recently endorsed him twice wasn’t enough, Trump compelled Alabamians to go out and vote for the pistol-totin’ firebrand during his Pensacola rally. The campaigner-in-chief just endorsed a man that glorifies slavery. Anyway, nothing shocking there.

It’s safe to say that Trump really, really wants Roy Moore elected to the Senate. He’ll also be flying down to Jackson, Mississippi (which is very close to Alabama) for the opening of a civil rights museum.  Hey, maybe our always near and dear President will plug the economy while he’s down there, talk about what’s really important.

I’m not sure Trump campaigning for Roy Moore will make that much of a difference honestly, since Roy Moore’s supporters aren’t wanting for loyalty. Plus, we all remember how well Trump’s endorsement of Republican primary candidate Luther Strange worked out. Here’s a hint. Not very well. I guess what I’m saying is, Trump campaigns for a firebrand shithead that inspires a small but rabid fanbase. The people that are likely to listen have already made up their minds. He might sway a percentage or tw–oh wait. So, actually, looks like I proved myself wrong in the space of a paragraph. It’s very possible Trump’s campaigning will make all the difference in the world. The numbers might not seem that impressive in the grand scheme of things, but the consequences could be, well, terrible.

I’ve also written another blog post with updated poll numbers. Check it out here.

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