Trump CDC Word Banishment. An Administration Against Free Speech.

Sounds like a strange concept, doesn’t it? Language policing in the CDC. But it’s true. A list of banned words includes “fetus,” “vulnerable,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “evidence-based,” “entitlement,” and god forbid “science-based.”

Are there proper words to describe this word banishment? Vaguely Christian, maybe. is This directive seems to stifle free speech, and in an administration that is oriented to the hard-right, the smothering of free speech will occur in any manner available. If not directly against the public, then the silencing will occur toward an organization that releases information to the public, such as the CDC. What better way to chop science off at the knees than to target an institution that includes minorities in its priorities? Two birds, one giant boulder. Don’t let it be said that this administration isn’t efficient.

The Trump Administration seems very focused in homogenizing the various government agencies into a state of being that is antithetical to their original purposes, sterilizing the language of the CDC is just the latest example. Next thing you know another order will come down the pipeline suggesting any breathing masks used should hamper oral communication.

But does the Republican base care? Not sure. His popularity is plummeting with Fox Viewers, but what about the hyper-religious, business-obsessed folk? They seem content with the fact that Trump is stocking the lower courts with hack judges. So far right, “that if they’re wrong, they don’t want to be right!” Putting a light-hearted spin does the severity of what Trump is doing a massive disservice. Let’s recap.

  • Language suppression at the CDC
  • Stocking the lower courts with judges opposed to civil rights

There seems a lot to be worried about. So glad I used the humor tag.


3 Replies to “Trump CDC Word Banishment. An Administration Against Free Speech.”

  1. I know this was published almost two weeks ago, but from what I’ve read since this list came out, these words were not banned. Instead, it was suggested that they should be avoided by those within the CDC who wanted to get projects funded. I would argue that this is even worse. It reminds me of a battered wife who walks around on eggshells, hoping she and the children won’t say or do anything to trigger another attack by the bullying husband/father. Is this really the way a democracy should work?

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    1. From my understanding, “word monitoring” is nothing new from presidential administrations, but Trump is assaulting and engaging in an all out war on well-worn institutions. The cdc thing taken with his holistic framework of going after anything organization that isn’t 100% loyal is pretty alarming, imo.

      You’re right, the environment currently on display in the US is one of a narcissistic patriarch who isn’t held to simple standards of fact-checking.

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