Just a Short Post Before Bed

Yep. There he is, former President Barack Obama. A recent post in The Guardian got me to thinking. Obama represents the torch of nostalgia, some golden age of American government that’s now long gone (at least to a sizeable swath of the US). While I’m not sure that Trump’s New Year outburst is anything spectacular, to some it highlights a border between the Obama era and this one. Now we should be certain there’s no “going back.”

That’s probably true to an extent, considering the hard right has had a taste of supreme leadership. They won’t give up the fight easily. But nostalgia is a powerful motivator, and while it’s not substitute for ideology, it can be a powerful motivator to tie together loose segments of thinking into a vague but convincing enough framework that it passes for ideology. The Obama era might’ve come to a close, but many people still remember it fondly. Any candidate in 2020 that seems like a throwback to that era could have an advantage.

My pre-bedtime thoughts anyway.

4 Replies to “Just a Short Post Before Bed”

    1. Yeah, Dems need a shot of charisma or something. Even Doug Jones rode the wave of anti-Trump/anti-Moore sentiment to victory. I can see how the anti-Trump thing will help out the left in the midterms, but seems like establishment politics has changed. Dems will have to change too, at least a little, just like Republicans.


  1. I hope we don’t forget that quickly. President Obama is like America’s best friend. You’re full of it if you agree with anybody all the time, but with Obama you felt like there was a purpose and actions were thought out and logical. It would be nice to have that again. Check out Jason Kander.

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    1. Well, the Trump effect makes the Obama era seem like ages ago. He certainly didn’t have a perfect foreign or domestic policy, but there was some sense of cohesion there. He didn’t make deliberate attempts to stir the melting pot.

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