Bannon Being Fired…Again? Trump Opposes “Separation of Corporation and State.”

Seems strange, but the exchange between Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon reminds us how “Hyper-Corporate” the POTUS has molded the US to be. Where once capitalism seethed in the darkness, “it’s just the way things are, not too bad,” it’s come out to play, asserting forcefully that it can kick your ass out the door.

Sarah Sanders suggested today that Breitbart should consider firing Steve Bannon.

As corporations and government protocol mingle, it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate the two. Is Separation of Church and State the issue here? More like separation of Corporation and State (the former has adopted a vaguely religious ideology to protect their business practices). Even though Bannon most likely won’t be fired, the threat of a diminishing fanbase is probably considered just as terrible a fate.

Sander’s position that Breitbart should stroke its chin thoughtfully while thinking about tossing Bannon out on the street is essentially corporate language. Trump turned the same language on ESPN employee Jemele Hill.

Is Trump extending his reach? While Breitbart has always worked for Trump, this public display of insult from a former insider, using the bully pulpit for vengeful humiliation, then a very quick capitulation from the other side sets up an interesting dynamic. It also heavily supports punishing, corporate language that won’t necessarily be forgotten once Trump leaves the Oval Office.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

8 Replies to “Bannon Being Fired…Again? Trump Opposes “Separation of Corporation and State.””

    1. I have to say, though, she’s much better at being condescending than Sean Spicer. That guy was just confusing.

      Sanders getting the hook? Possible, but she does a well enough job at deflecting the truth. She might too valuable to can, and that would also be a political dent in Trump’s image. Who knows, though. Trump fired Bannon after all.

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      1. I think Trump fires at will and if she gets on the wrong side of his radar she’s gone no matter how well she may or may not be doing her job. We shall have to wait and see. Never a dull moment with this White House!

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  1. Another good analysis. It is easy to forget Trump is not the buffoon he likes to portray himself as but as a man with a very dangerous agenda.

    As you rightly point out, corporatism is going completely unchecked, particularly with Pruitt at the EPA who puts lobbyist interests first.

    Only the ballot box will sort this situation out. Trump being impeached leaves Pence stepping into his shoes – not much better in my opinion. The Democrats have to regain Congress and the Senate to effectively stalemate Trump’s corporatism.

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    1. Yeah, even if the organization is occurring despite him, he still approves of and pushes the agenda forward. A very corporatist agenda, like you said.

      I’d like to think the ballot box will sort it out, but even though Democrats have opportunities to pick up some Republican seats in the Senate, they are also defending a few of their own. I read that Dems might have a better chance of taking the House, which, if nothing else, says that a logjammed democracy is better than a corporate-authoritarian government structure.


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