Poetry and Amnesia

Following hot on the heels of this post, I’m going through some of my older posts to uncover some buried gems. I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months, but when I re-read some older posts it seems like years ago (“The Politics Effect?”). Anyway, enough of my pontificating.

Cosmic Record Keeping

The Sun Made a Promise

Patterns of the Sand and the Sea

Even press secretaries need love

He trips. He soars.

Pure ‘N Salty

An Arid Man



The Keys to a Kingdom (Donald Trump’s Psyche)

Not all keys are shaped like keys
He found that out the hard way
Sometimes they are shaped like medals
Not necessarily earned
But infallible anyway

His entourage waited in the shadows
“Only niche journalists would care about them”
He thought
They waved and smiled dutifully
He smiled back when the cameras weren’t looking
They weren’t so bad
They just needed a little training was all
New suits
New haircuts
New reputations

Sometimes the little things
Could go a long way

President Pence Steps Off a Tainted Carousel

His lips were stretched into a perfect line
Perfect and pious
Straight and flawless

Pence preens his suit
For the inauguration ceremony
Maybe a trim is in order
Everything has to be “just so”

Line up the conspiracy theories
They’re important too
Save the most poetic lines
For a human that’s smooth all over

But behind it all
Behind the glitter and confetti
Stands the shadow of an elephant piercing a lion

“Those nutty puppets peddling their theories”
Though similar structures can’t be ignored
When you place them side by side

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Donald Trump, A Man Against Time

He was a man against time
Fiddling with hands that weren’t his
Now the clock says “all hands of board”
So the ship points to waters twinkling like crystals
But the crystals weren’t of the highest quality
The ship sails counter-clockwise
Then clockwise

A historic clock seemed ready to burst
To spill its guts
Just wait for that last fat gear
It’s of excellent craftsmanship
Simply beyond reproach


Green Hills Blur Reality

Green temples polluted the horizon
But she couldn’t escape their all-knowing eyes
They knew everything there was to know
About nature’s grand plan
And the likelihood of majesty surviving to fight another minute

She floated alongside them
Wanting them to disappear and give way to a plain
She just wanted flatness

The hills only grew taller though
Stopping just short of mountain status
Golden nuggets surrounding their bases
Were the only things that redeemed their existence

She collected a few clusters of the golden treasure
Sometimes they flickered, as if they were on a timer
There was no point in chasing after them, then
Might as well watch them flicker

So, she waited until the green hills started to blur everything around them
Then, after a period of quiet, she left for greener pastures


A little more off the top

You’re next
Until then
Just watch and wait

See how I take a little off the sides?
Ruffle the top
Make everything seem youthful and rebellious
Bet you can’t wait
To see what I can do for you

Once you’ve experienced this kind of hospitality
You simply can’t go back
Why bother with a magazine
When you can gaze upon the art of you looking like him?
My hands don’t shake
I maintain a heartfelt and robust conversation
Even the lighting is perfect

Just a little more off the top?
Sounds good
Watch and wait
Your time will come

via Daily Prompt: Hospitality

A Warrior Leaves His Shadows

He seemed to perfectly meld with the shadows
A man wrapped in intrigue
The boot was a promotion
Seen through the eyes of hungry crowd

A tumultuous sea was born that day
A captain taking his rusty bucket
To the center of the seven seas

Now peeling skin replaced shadows
It was novelty for the warrior
The sail swelled at fragmented threats
But the captain held onto his hat
Marveling at gigantic red feathers

Water devils came from all sides
He had it covered
The cameras came to his heel
The lighting was perfect
The water sprayed with absolute perfection

Before he sent the ship to its final glory
He realized he was maturing
Adulation was losing allure
If nothing else
The limelight had taught him that