Even press secretaries need love

A suit wandered the coastline, sensing disaster
What would the collar and tie say tomorrow
He was the mouthpiece for everything on the brink
It was his civic duty

Too much to bear
He just wanted a good night’s sleep
Or even a little sympathy
To douse the dry criticism of the wee hours

But an upside down flag was all he could hope for
A little absurdity to make the pain go away
Then the flag seemed to wilt
And the alarm clock buzzed

A new day
More chewing gum
No on really got it
He was all alone in this newly minted world

Just a suit filled with candy
Oh, look, your fault fell to the floor


South Korean President Impeached

President Park-Geun-hye was removed from office following a unanimous decision by eight judges.

What exactly is poetic about this? I don’t know. I guess she looks peaceful in repose amid the deployment of the THAAD system. A twenty-one gun salute in this day and age. Politicians can’t rest in this wicked sunless camp called the world we now live in.

You know, just a couple of months ago I was sitting in front of the television thinking that I had captured obama’s face in a potato chip.

Now everything seems absurd and you know that you can’t go home again.


We’re doing it again

Zoom into the U.S. tenfold. You see wiretaps, Russians, the glint in Mitch McConnel’s eyes. The shine of Donald Trump’s shoes as it obscures the breaking of his shoestring promises.

But this is only part of the picture. What if Marine Le Pen were to win the French presidential elections? As other media outlets have commented, she will push for the exit of France from the E.U. (Frexit), which will spell its imminent demise along with severe economic reverberations across the West, and with economic reverberations come other unforeseen consequences. Because nationalism doesn’t occur in a vacuum.



Diversion becomes a way of life

Oh I don’t know
A place away from pockets of isolation
Seems like a good way to go
The water knows how to sit
Obeys commands like “fetch”
and “look reflect-y”

Fingers touch that rippling world
Wondering why nature’s cracks just appear
Without reason or
the wait for approval

Still beautiful though
Murky and teeming with life
Oh look, my cellphone is ringing

A text alert saying
My hair isn’t slicked back
But they’ll be here any minute
With microphones
And questions skirting around a bubble