DACA and Trump the Dream Crusher

I mean, I’ve already called Trump out for being a dumb fucker.  Today, Trump followed through with being a dumb fucker by choosing to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions, flying monkey of the law, formally announce the end of Obama’s DACA program. Here’s the video. You’ll be enraptured, probably.


“We’re gonna treat these kids with a lotta heart.” Yeah. Right. As if giving them a short-term option to live here while tossing their fate to a brain-dead legislature is treating them with heart. Let’s be clear. He didn’t treat them with heart. Is that even making a moral argument at this point? I’m really just saying that he doesn’t even know what the hell he is saying. Fuck. I bet he’s going to ruin my upcoming weekend.

UPDATE: Okay, so now Donald Jerry Trump has issued an edict-via-tweet saying that he will revisit the issue in six months if Congress hasn’t acted.


This seems like a very intimate question to ask someone. “I would kindly like to ask what the hell is it that you want?”

He seems to not want to alienate his base, while not wanting to be blamed for the deportation of hundreds of thousands of people if congress-almost inevitably-fails. How does he plan to “revisit the issue” but also straddle the line between not being a heart breaker and appeasing the slugs-in-hover rounds that form the pillar of his base?

Look. I’ve been sympathetic up to this point. I’ve avoided calling him a dumb fucker because it seemed like an impolite thing to do. But, now I get the sense that incoherence is being strapped onto cruelty for whatever the fuck reason.

You know they say that one strong sign of creeping authoritarianism is a public obsession with the current leader. He doesn’t need to be a strong leader. He doesn’t need to be not divisive. He just needs to be himself  and have an unwavering pillar of support. President Trump has all those things.

The White House released a memo on DACA, advising its victims to make travel plans or other arrangements in case congress doesn’t get its act together. This is starting to seem like cogent advice for citizens in general.



Three Dead in Charlottesville White Nationalism Attack

  • Three dead
  • Two police officers died in helicopter crash
  • One killed after a vehicle ripped through crowds at a pedestrian mall (19 injured)
  • Driver identified as Alex Fields of Ohio.

White nationalists clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. The end result is three dead and almost two dozen injured because they gave a white supremacist madman a driver’s license.

Can’t count on dear old POTUS to denounce the threat for what it is. “Violence on many sides.”


As if that wasn’t absurd enough, Trump’s fence-sitting comment earned him a strong rebuke from David Duke. Tweets below.

“So, after decades of White Americans being targeted for discriminated & anti-White hatred, we come together as a people, and you attack us?”

“I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.”

Are there even words for something like this? This little act of domestic terror was heinous enough, but add the horrific responses from Duke’s lily white world onto Trump’s “diplomatic” whitewashing, and you might as well cover the United States with one big, white sheet.

Some people will try.

Should We “Calm Down” about North Korea?

  • US deployments remain the same in the region
  • Alert status has not changed
  • Channels of communication between US and North Korea are open

Doesn’t look like verbal hostilities will cease, until either diplomacy wins out or that big blinding fireball rips apart the horizon. Trump supporters love that kind of tough talk, finding in him a man that will stick up for them when no one else will.

But, it isn’t clear if:

  • Trump will “stick up” for Guam
  • His supporters realize the magnitude of the situation (of Guam and Earth in general)
  • If we’ll all be annihilated.

You know things are serious when I sandwich a paragraph between rows of bullet points. While it’s true that it’s very common for Presidents to adhere to a “brand” probably in crisis situations the best solution would be to deviate from that when it comes to an emerging nuclear threat.

To answer the initial question. Should we “calm down”? Yeah. Probably. Might not be a bad idea. If the verbal “fire and fury” keeps up though, both from supporters and from Trump, mass hysteria seems like a good response.


Ted Cruz, A Lovecraftian Menace

He floats across a grand hall
His robe aflutter

Not exactly an angel
Not quite the devil either
No, merely a man
Walking flesh using earthly laws
For heavenly gain

A lich spins like god’s chosen orb
Dripping ink of the most opportune color
But ink can’t shake hands
It must foster an illusion
That hands were shook


Mitch McConnell/Trump Dance of Death

A Rex Walketh about
Like a roaring lion
Devouring the Capitol
Causing disgrace

Swinging among tweets
Hopscotching over a turtle
The Rex comments on its own
Gigantic head
Woefully short arms
Ineffectual hunting skills
Beady dead eyes waiting for the end of the world

The turtle’s shadow dwarfs a now mighty carcass
Waiting to be unseen
For the inevitable to transpire

Everything seemed cleansed already
As scalpels were removed and stethoscopes sheathed
The turtle smiled in satisfaction as its green skin
Flowed from cavity to cavity
Hidden by fiscal grace
And messages from eternal fire


Mechanical Shining Dwarf

If the mechanical face were turned on its head
It would shine forever
As things stood though
The sphere was already looking to new horizons

Lakes grew to accommodate
A dying dwarf
Since it had spoken
Causing all bodies
To heed extraterrestrial flames

No will had been written yet
So everything still churned in chaos
Waiting to be released

via Daily Prompt: Sunny


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