Trump has Ruined the Great American Weekend

It’s bad enough that we’re living under a creeping dictatorship. “Go there, do that, spill your blood.” Yeah. BAD ENOUGH, I say! What could be worse? Well, for starters, I believe Trump is solely responsible for ruining the great “American weekend.”

You just can’t enjoy your weekends anymore. Not in their entirety, anyway. We’re all concerned with the next news dump, the next shit-storm we think will put the nail in the coffin of the American weekend. Wait no longer. It’s dead, and Trump killed it.

No more lazy afternoons on the porch contemplating my own mortality. No more lazily drumming my steering wheel with my fingers waiting for my order. No more not caring about anything.

This dude really pissed me off. I hope a fiery 2020 electorate knocks him off his perch, sending the Hotel baron and his incendiary followers back to the dark pit from whence they came.

But I can’t guarantee that. This dumb fucker might be a two-term president.


Trump’s Police State, Insidious Signs

I mean, if you could call the above an insidious sign. An officer arrested a nurse in Utah named Alex Wubbels for citing policy and refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient. Here. Take a look.


I mean. Pretty disturbing, right? Not sure what else to say except that it seems police are expanding the bubble of people they are allowed to harass. Apologies from the mayor of Salt Lake City aren’t going to patch this one up. Other abusive cops will see this video and think to themselves “It’s okay to do something like this. My buddies in blue have my back.”

Keep in mind that Trump recently rescinded an Obama-era policy, allowing military-grade weapons to be used by the police. Everything seems to be shaping up nicely, if you are a monstrous, blood-sucking dictator.

Duterte, President of the Philippines, has his “war on drugs,” which have killed how many innocent people? Somewhere in the thousands. Trump has his wars on immigrants and “crime.”

Do you want to live in Duterte’s Philippines? I sure as hell don’t. But I’m not sure that Trump’s America is going to end up much better.

Seriously. Look at how authoritarian states get started. Simply because we haven’t lost all rights yet doesn’t mean we aren’t on that deadly trajectory.

Trump supporters need to be woken up. They might not care, self-interested, redneck SOBs that they are, but they will care when he starts targeting them.

Watch the above video again and see your rights as a private citizen go down the toilet.

Arpaio Should’ve Rotted in Prison

This dumb, cruel fucker should’ve rotted in a tent jail.

“An old man can’t suffer in prison!” said the Trump administration.

Yeah. I don’t buy it. As if cruelty is supposed to be endured in the downtrodden, but old age makes one above the law? What a load of horseshit. Toss that wrinkled fuck bag into a tent and let him swelter.

Can the victim mentality, Trump & Arpaio. Rot in a windowless cell.

It’s time for the executive branch to be tough on crime regardless of age.

Trump Arizona Rally

Pure and unfettered Trump appeared at the long-anticipated rally in Arizona on Tuesday. Many dumb, pre-Alzheimer’s things were said. Did he “bring the nation together”? Well, he stayed in character. So much for the ousting of Stephen Bannon changing the course of a sinking ship. Some bullet points. Let’s get this over with (like ripping off a bandaid).

  • Media blamed for Charlottesville
  • Strongly hinting he would pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Threatening government shutdown to get funding for border wall
  • Terminating NAFTA

President Donald Jerry Trump clearly reinforced his initial, incredily shitty and remarkably unpresidential message concerning the atrocity in Charlottesville. Rather than admitting to having a compromised moral center by suggesting “both sides” had a hand in the violence, he blamed the media for giving hate groups a soapbox.

What Donald Jerry Trump doesn’t realize is that the initial message is the strongest. Blaming “both sides” when there is no clear moral equivalency between white supremacists and counter-protesters in his first hate speech rendered the second speech that incredibly softly condemned white supremacists/KKK/etc null and void. Well, how can something be rendered void that had no soul to begin with?

He clearly is stoking racial tensions rather than doing his best to alleviate them. He blames the media’s portrayal of Charlottesville while strongly supporting bigotry. Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio is another thumb’s up to white supremacy and authoritarianism.

The insidious signs of authoritarianism are everywhere. From loosely respecting the law until you conveniently disrespect it to blaming the media and stoking entrenched racism. It’s all there.

Stephen “Steve” Bannon was only the lever that pulled himself. Now the lever is gone. The “main machine” remains in place.

Blame the media. Fake news. Point the finger at minority groups. Rinse, repeat. Four years down the toilet.

Bannon The Barber is Back!

That didn’t take long, in more ways that one. Mere minutes after the Trumpian speech concerning a revised Afghanistan strategy finished echoing through the hallowed halls of CNN and Fox News, Breitbart launched verbal diarrhea at its former hero. This is what happens when fine and empty promises collide with political reality. Or when military veterans are forced to play diplomats.

Breitbart described the change in policy as a “flip-flop” while comparing it to Obama’s Afghanistan strategy. The outlet also claimed that Trump announced “tweaks around the edges of the current strategy instead of a different approach” and that “this was Obama’s speech minus the deadline and details.”

Seems like Breitbart’s coverage of Trump was meant to frustrate him into changing course, while irking White House rivals that Bannon left behind, such as national security advisor H.R. McMaster.

What happens when a former Chief Strategist returns to his media cave to “rip the President a new one”? Anybody’s guess. The next several weeks will tell whether or not the head Bannon-ite will still be influencing domestic and foreign policy by sounding the Breitbart Trumpet.

Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. See. This administration has me gaslighting myself. Unfortunately for them, I enjoy that kind of thing. While the Baron of Breitbart has fled the White House, the testing of his influence won’t necessarily be a straightforward affair.

“Trump has reversed his reverse, and is therefore in Bannon’s pocket” isn’t necessarily true. Nor is “Trump has a firm grip on the wheel. The President has become his own man.”

The past in the White House was defined by a rapid ebb and flow of loyalty and influence. Spicer gave way to Scaramucci. Flynn to McMaster. Comey to what’s-his-face. Bannon to nobody knows where. Will the widespread condemnation to Trump’s atrocious response to Charlottesville keep the President in the bumper lanes? Hard to say. Trump returns to the scene of the crime, aka Arizona, to give a speech. That’s the next bump in the road.

Trump Removes Bannon!

“Bannon is Toast!”

“Bannon, the President’s Jockstrap, is removed!’

Figured I would go with a more traditional headline. Bannon is gone! But, if you dismiss the architect of the white nationalist machine, the scaffolding won’t automatically collapse. Bannon’s gone, an architect turned figurehead turned back to his pre-2017 self…which isn’t much different than now.

It’s hard to determine how much of a change Bannon’s departure will cause. Like most things in Trump world, departures are cosmetic. Trump will still have to appease the crazy folk nostalgic for diners that only had white people in them.

More as it develops!