The Bedlands, Part 2

Tabitha looked down at the blister backs congregating below.

“I hope you’re not thinking of a crazy solution.”

“Crazy?! No, I can’t afford crazy anymore.  That’s why your here, you can handle the ‘crazy’ with a level head.”  The beasts were stirring faster, working themselves up into a terrifying frenzy.  Tabitha balled her fists so that she wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the noise.

“I’m not going to waste my energy trying to understand that.  Just drive, old man!”

“I may be old, but I can still floor the gas pedal!” The dune buggy sped forward, then downward, and Tabitha took out her silver pistol, aiming for the blisters quivering with fluid.  She tried to shoot most of the beasts before they collided with the dune buggy.  Unfortunately, some of them were able to connect their bony hands to the vehicle.

“Dammit!” Tabitha said.

“Just remember, keep that level head on your shoulders!”

Tabitha dodged a bony hand, and aimed for that precious blister.  Both her and Sebastian were covered with green, sound generating goo.  It writhed and made its presence known.

“See, Sebastian, this is what happens when you talk!”

Sebastian grunted and cursed as they reached the bottom of the next hill, and he grimaced before he spoke.  He just had to say “Warning! We’re going up the throat!”

Tabitha ducked and watched as the last blister back took an ancient dinosaur bone to the throat.  They were going up the throat of a skeletal lizard, its predatory abilities were gone, but it was the conduit to a better part of the world.  Tabitha sat back and sighed.  The blister backs wouldn’t follow past that bony divide.

“Even the blister backs respect the gods,” Sebastian said.  “Nice shootin’ back there,” he turned and gave her a wink.  It wasn’t a creepy one, just addled as fuck.  Tabitha looked out her side of the buggy, enjoying the sunset as it drenched the desert strip ahead.



The Bedlands, Part 1

Ol’ Sebastian drove his dune buggy to the edge of the hill, staring down at the windswept magnificence  below.  Something peculiar was happening today, nothing earth shattering or anything…just different.

The mutated things writhing below seemed agitated, as if some natural force had awakened them.  Nature wasn’t taken to kindly ’round these parts.  His partner, in survival at least, Tabitha, looked at him, gauging his reaction.  She was used to doing this with Sebastian.  He was a brave man, but no more than any other inhabitant of the bedlands, in fact, Sebastian was older than most, and had much less to lose.  In that sense, he might have a lower than average level of bravery.

“They call this place the bedlands…because…because if you fall asleep at the wrong time, this giant bed of sand will become your grave,” Sebastian said.

“I know.  I’ve heard this story more times than you have grey hairs.  In fact, it’s not really much of a story, there’s no proper beginning, no middle, and the ending is stupid.”

“You live, you die.  That’s your plot right there.”

“I’d rather die than listen to your justification for that non-story for the thousandth time.”

“You say that, but you like it.  I know you do.  Familiar things are comfortable.”

There was a sound below, like thunder ripping through the ass of a dead god.  This was the creatures’ way of reminding you that you had forgotten them.  Sebastian and Tabitha looked at each other, not scared so much as wondering how they would get out of this brutal existence and move on with life.