A Blurry Eye Sees the Most Clearly

When a metropolis becomes bleak and blurry, stop and smell the roses…



If you think about it, colors reflecting off rain make you reflect…



A little more optimistic, this one, but then you start to ruminate about how short and sweet life is. Enjoy the sweet morn’ filled with a billion breaths. After that, it’s all over.




The blood red city quickens
An undateable heartthrob
But there was at least one prospect
Someone who had a “crush” on all those buildings
And the lights, and the dark blue sky
And the people as one amorphous entity

The man appealed to her vanity
Flirting coyly over a drink in a moody restaurant
Strolling quietly but purposefully through the parks and canals
Finally  the perfect view came to him at dusk
A pink sky against tired gritty structures
Looming trees above were just props in this budding romance
All that money spent on a matchmaker was worth it
Leaning in for a kiss, the man’s heart quickened to match the pulse of his lady
She had divorced a ship and was on the market and as eager as he was


The constant din of the city

Dogs barking, traffic never sleeps, a chihuahua barks back, still barking, truck and loud motor, something indistinguishable, people laughing, the loud sound of pretentious subway poetry, more barking, more repetition for the sake effect, more people laughing–OH! A scraping sound! More muffled barking…

Yelling, whistling, things are really shaking up now…