Three Dead in Charlottesville White Nationalism Attack

  • Three dead
  • Two police officers died in helicopter crash
  • One killed after a vehicle ripped through crowds at a pedestrian mall (19 injured)
  • Driver identified as Alex Fields of Ohio.

White nationalists clashed with counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. The end result is three dead and almost two dozen injured because they gave a white supremacist madman a driver’s license.

Can’t count on dear old POTUS to denounce the threat for what it is. “Violence on many sides.”


As if that wasn’t absurd enough, Trump’s fence-sitting comment earned him a strong rebuke from David Duke. Tweets below.

“So, after decades of White Americans being targeted for discriminated & anti-White hatred, we come together as a people, and you attack us?”

“I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.”

Are there even words for something like this? This little act of domestic terror was heinous enough, but add the horrific responses from Duke’s lily white world onto Trump’s “diplomatic” whitewashing, and you might as well cover the United States with one big, white sheet.

Some people will try.



That one word started to sound funny
And his magic number floated out to sea
Causing uncertainty to settle on a dark mass

Change set down roots
Permeating the vile dirt
Growing inside while burgeoning on the outside
Peacocking its skeletal limbs
Still obscuring the night sky with an oak ribcage

The finest wood must’ve been imported from somewhere
From where it didn’t matter
But influence came from inscrutable craftsmanship with an american stamp


Nigel Farage, Person of Interest, Man Without A Country, Confused Little Boy With a Target on His Back?

Nigel Farage, Chief Officer of the Brexit fiasco, is now being labeled a “person of interest” by the FBI regarding the investigation into Trump campaign’s links with the K-K-Kremlin.

Did Nigel collude with members of Trump’s campaign as well as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

Farage, current “man of the hour,” is not at the moment being hanged by the FBI, but he could be in severe trouble down the line. He is not being labeled as a “target” but is “person of interest” any better? Probably not. I mean, I don’t think so. But I could be wrong.

“Sources say” that Farage’s proximity to other persons of interest damned him in the eyes of the FBI. He was in the throbbing center of the storm, and it doesn’t seem the clouds over his head have yet cleared. The FBI is smart enough to follow the chain of events and people to their natural conclusions.


(NoteĀ The ChainĀ below)

Farage>Robert Stone (Trump’s political adviser)>Guccifer 2.0(hacker for Kremlin).




Also, putting Guccifer 2.0 aside for just a minute, Farage was silent on some very important questions, such as:

Was he aware of the inquiry into his potential criminal connections?>Does he have a lawyer already chomping at the bit?>Did he meet Trump during a moody, candle-lit yacht dinner? These are all important questions, whether or not the FBI will cut to the core truth behind their infinite curiosity remains to be seen.

On that note, time to make breakfast. Maybe I could have what Farage is eating? Regret and a nails-biting, handshake-laden race against time? Nah, I’ll stick with omelette.

President Pence Steps Off a Tainted Carousel

His lips were stretched into a perfect line
Perfect and pious
Straight and flawless

Pence preens his suit
For the inauguration ceremony
Maybe a trim is in order
Everything has to be “just so”

Line up the conspiracy theories
They’re important too
Save the most poetic lines
For a human that’s smooth all over

But behind it all
Behind the glitter and confetti
Stands the shadow of an elephant piercing a lion

“Those nutty puppets peddling their theories”
Though similar structures can’t be ignored
When you place them side by side

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Donald Trump is legislative molasses–So is Impeachment Really the Answer?

I’ve thought about this–at least for a couple of minutes. For very obvious reasons, Donald Trump is molasses to the legislative process. Seems to me that this should make Democrats content. Every little infusion of chaos freezes the legislative body, or slows them down to a great degree. While he might have seemed like a pleasant distraction so that the public wouldn’t focus on the Machiavellian legal overhauls such as the Republicans’ version of healthcare (just look at what they’re attempting to do to people with disabilities), he has proven to simply highlight congressional turpitude (I hope I sounded like a Washington Post journalist just now. I’ve always wanted to be one.)

More to the point, if Donald Trump is impeached and replaced by Mike “place a fence around mike” Pence, the legislative process would probably go much more smoothly for Republicans, at least until the 2018 midterm elections. Perception of political pundits has largely been about “the lesser of two evils.” In this case, I’m not sure Pence can rise to the challenge (of being legislative molasses).





Food forces you to take a break from politics, at least while cooking. You know, for safety reasons.

Maybe “safety reasons” are overrated.