Just reached 400 followers today. Is it alright if I refer to them as my legions? Seriously, though, it’s been quite a ride. This went from a blog that published poetry, to fiction, to a political blog. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with all of these styles, tbh.

How many of you out there are still reading? I hope it’s more than 10.



Steve “Bullshit” Bannon

The face of the sympathetic, even “ethical” villain. We’ve seen it all before. Just look at those eyes. They radiate a self-perception centered on being deeply misunderstood while maintaining the delusion of a stern, yet “sympathetic” ethical worldview. Steve “Bullshit” Bannon not so deftly tries to separate white nationalism from economic nationalism.  I don’t buy it. As a matter of fact, I’ll upgrade him to Steve “Buncha Bullshit” Bannon.

With would-be authoritarians, you have to look behind the rhetoric to a man’s origins, the trajectory of his character. In this case, Mr. Bannon was created by the media. He talks about waging war with the GOP establishment, but in reality he is employing the same tactics Fox News has used for…however long it’s been on the air. The flamboyant, dismissive debating strategies. The not quite erudite condescension. The constant interruptions. It’s all there. Once mastered by Bill O’Reilly, these content-less jabs are alive and well in Mr. Bannon.

While you may wage war against your enemies with the same weapons they choose, when those weapons are words, gestures, body language, debating tactics focusing on vitriol rather than content, an ever-shifting ideology that curdles on the white curtain of racism then, in the most important ways, you become the enemy.

Bannon and the GOP? They’re not so different. Despite this hasty divorce, a tenuous marriage continues behind the scenes. He talks about how the current government apparatus is a business model. But his business model firmly entrenches inauthenticity. He has dressed the Republican skeleton with the blemished skin of white nationalism. Isolationist, unethical, economically unsound, but he’ll walk away with more than your pocket change. That’s for damn sure.

DACA and Trump the Dream Crusher

I mean, I’ve already called Trump out for being a dumb fucker.  Today, Trump followed through with being a dumb fucker by choosing to have Attorney General Jeff Sessions, flying monkey of the law, formally announce the end of Obama’s DACA program. Here’s the video. You’ll be enraptured, probably.


“We’re gonna treat these kids with a lotta heart.” Yeah. Right. As if giving them a short-term option to live here while tossing their fate to a brain-dead legislature is treating them with heart. Let’s be clear. He didn’t treat them with heart. Is that even making a moral argument at this point? I’m really just saying that he doesn’t even know what the hell he is saying. Fuck. I bet he’s going to ruin my upcoming weekend.

UPDATE: Okay, so now Donald Jerry Trump has issued an edict-via-tweet saying that he will revisit the issue in six months if Congress hasn’t acted.


This seems like a very intimate question to ask someone. “I would kindly like to ask what the hell is it that you want?”

He seems to not want to alienate his base, while not wanting to be blamed for the deportation of hundreds of thousands of people if congress-almost inevitably-fails. How does he plan to “revisit the issue” but also straddle the line between not being a heart breaker and appeasing the slugs-in-hover rounds that form the pillar of his base?

Look. I’ve been sympathetic up to this point. I’ve avoided calling him a dumb fucker because it seemed like an impolite thing to do. But, now I get the sense that incoherence is being strapped onto cruelty for whatever the fuck reason.

You know they say that one strong sign of creeping authoritarianism is a public obsession with the current leader. He doesn’t need to be a strong leader. He doesn’t need to be not divisive. He just needs to be himself  and have an unwavering pillar of support. President Trump has all those things.

The White House released a memo on DACA, advising its victims to make travel plans or other arrangements in case congress doesn’t get its act together. This is starting to seem like cogent advice for citizens in general.


DACA, Trump, and Appeasing His Slimy Base

He Who Hath No Compassion has decided to rescind DACA. Trump added a six-month delay for the program, thinking that somehow compensates for being a heartless bastard. The six month delay masquerades to some as a “healthy compromise,” but it is anything but. If Trump puts a halt to DACA, which he most surely will, does that mean that applicants will be able to apply for renewals within that period?

Some have said that President Trump has “agonized” over this decision. However, he has consistently shown sympathy for the imaginary blight of his base, rather than the severe problems facing minorities. It doesn’t seem like he is capable of making a decision that contradicts that narrow-minded strip of consciousness known as “Trump’s base.”

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Charlottesville showed most people what side he is on. David Duke wields the executive branch now. So long “let’s not take him literally” Trump. Hello David Duke.

Trump has Ruined the Great American Weekend

It’s bad enough that we’re living under a creeping dictatorship. “Go there, do that, spill your blood.” Yeah. BAD ENOUGH, I say! What could be worse? Well, for starters, I believe Trump is solely responsible for ruining the great “American weekend.”

You just can’t enjoy your weekends anymore. Not in their entirety, anyway. We’re all concerned with the next news dump, the next shit-storm we think will put the nail in the coffin of the American weekend. Wait no longer. It’s dead, and Trump killed it.

No more lazy afternoons on the porch contemplating my own mortality. No more lazily drumming my steering wheel with my fingers waiting for my order. No more not caring about anything.

This dude really pissed me off. I hope a fiery 2020 electorate knocks him off his perch, sending the Hotel baron and his incendiary followers back to the dark pit from whence they came.

But I can’t guarantee that. This dumb fucker might be a two-term president.

Trump Arizona Rally

Pure and unfettered Trump appeared at the long-anticipated rally in Arizona on Tuesday. Many dumb, pre-Alzheimer’s things were said. Did he “bring the nation together”? Well, he stayed in character. So much for the ousting of Stephen Bannon changing the course of a sinking ship. Some bullet points. Let’s get this over with (like ripping off a bandaid).

  • Media blamed for Charlottesville
  • Strongly hinting he would pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Threatening government shutdown to get funding for border wall
  • Terminating NAFTA

President Donald Jerry Trump clearly reinforced his initial, incredily shitty and remarkably unpresidential message concerning the atrocity in Charlottesville. Rather than admitting to having a compromised moral center by suggesting “both sides” had a hand in the violence, he blamed the media for giving hate groups a soapbox.

What Donald Jerry Trump doesn’t realize is that the initial message is the strongest. Blaming “both sides” when there is no clear moral equivalency between white supremacists and counter-protesters in his first hate speech rendered the second speech that incredibly softly condemned white supremacists/KKK/etc null and void. Well, how can something be rendered void that had no soul to begin with?

He clearly is stoking racial tensions rather than doing his best to alleviate them. He blames the media’s portrayal of Charlottesville while strongly supporting bigotry. Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio is another thumb’s up to white supremacy and authoritarianism.

The insidious signs of authoritarianism are everywhere. From loosely respecting the law until you conveniently disrespect it to blaming the media and stoking entrenched racism. It’s all there.

Stephen “Steve” Bannon was only the lever that pulled himself. Now the lever is gone. The “main machine” remains in place.

Blame the media. Fake news. Point the finger at minority groups. Rinse, repeat. Four years down the toilet.