On the Altar of Heaven and Objectivity

To fear the contraption
Is unholy
Why cringe at the thing
That will remove what ails you?

Your expression isn’t improving
Indeed it’s only darkening
This seems like a malady I can’t cure
The petulance
The cringing
They are symptoms of a wraith-like madness

Were you bitten by a wraith lately?
A phantasm or perhaps a different form of otherness?
Prognosis isn’t good
Let’s pray to the gods of science
After all, they are the sages that have made this couch and even your cringing possible


First Impression

A gargoyle fell through space and time
Landing on top of concrete
City unknown
Date unknown
Level of human advancement irrelevant

Vagueness felt good for awhile
Possibilities dotted the skyline
Maybe some other motivation had planted its foot
Buildings aspired to be among clouds for different reasons

Then a conversation took place
Meanwhile talons tapped impenetrable floors
Thinking it would be nice to end the other being

What happened next was an illusion
Filtered through the rain and moonlight
They tossed aside prejudices
In favor of grit and truth


Always a Frenzy

Another game
Another round through the tunnels that be
The beast took a clever route
Not wanting fire to lick its heels
But flames were subservient too
Waiting for wood or delicious mushrooms

Nothing a canine human hybrid could really do
Except to just keep taking those clever routes
Hoping that another path out of the labyrinth would appear

Hybrids always went in circles though
Mechanically and with a certain rhythm
Up, down, right, left
The timing was impeccable

Orange knives licked arrows in all directions
Knowing self-obsolescence was near
And that omnipotence was a step away


The Chamber

It was a game of daises
Placed carefully on the floor of the vast chamber
The shadows helped
Keep royalty in line

But the artificial lakes helped too
Requiring resources to cross
And resilience to make the journey profitable

One leader and her crew built a raft to cross the mighty lake
Anything could’ve been over there
The journey would probably be worth the trouble
Since domestic royalty was a little too fierce for her liking

So the mystery seemed less challenging by comparison
And they crossed with aplomb

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The Better Paragons of Our Nature

He was labeled a paragon of the left
“And rightly so”
The other side said
But there was something insidious going on
Something that went bump in the midday sun
Only to level out and hide in the dark

Even the atmosphere was captured properly on cameras
Correct angles had to be verified
So that death or violence could be associated with something else
And a withering lens could see blood spilled on the bases as a home run

Truly a different age
A gilded goblet
Given by up above


Trees Taper

They gave meaning to a vast horizon
But the trees were slowly tapering to a green keyhole
Which was surrounded by desert

There was no use racing to the finish line
It was reducing quickly
He wouldn’t make it in time
How would he fill an eternity in the desert, then?
He couldn’t count grains of sand forever
At least not without cracking

There had to be a way to reach the keyhole
Though it had diminished even more
Changing to a tired green

Surprisingly, he made it just as the oasis was cutting off reality
A dilemma presented itself
Since existing in two realities was usually a challenge


Wayward Creature

Finding stomping grounds
While massaging tiled floors
It always ends the same way
With claws outstretched
Stemming from a helping hand

Oh well
Back to the sea he goes
The waves are always welcoming
Offering streams of fish
And learning possibilities
Not to mention a good cave or two

They will never grow any larger though
So he rests on the floor with skeletal ornaments
Broken ships
Intact dreams

A perplexed eel swims by
He stares at it curiously
Two can play at that game