Entered a writing challenge!

Hello peoples of various stripes. Just thought I’d let you know I’ve entered a writing challenge on theprose.com

Read A Nice Aerial View here. ┬áIt’s probably one of my favorite stories that I’ve written. Let me know what you think! (any critical comments also welcome!)


Should We “Calm Down” about North Korea?

  • US deployments remain the same in the region
  • Alert status has not changed
  • Channels of communication between US and North Korea are open

Doesn’t look like verbal hostilities will cease, until either diplomacy wins out or that big blinding fireball rips apart the horizon. Trump supporters love that kind of tough talk, finding in him a man that will stick up for them when no one else will.

But, it isn’t clear if:

  • Trump will “stick up” for Guam
  • His supporters realize the magnitude of the situation (of Guam and Earth in general)
  • If we’ll all be annihilated.

You know things are serious when I sandwich a paragraph between rows of bullet points. While it’s true that it’s very common for Presidents to adhere to a “brand” probably in crisis situations the best solution would be to deviate from that when it comes to an emerging nuclear threat.

To answer the initial question. Should we “calm down”? Yeah. Probably. Might not be a bad idea. If the verbal “fire and fury” keeps up though, both from supporters and from Trump, mass hysteria seems like a good response.



Not much going on today. Working on some freelance writing to pay the bills, and trying to think of titles for my amazon series idea. Worked on novel a bit. Writing a blog post. Sometimes it feels like there are too many projects going.

How the hell do you come up with a good title, anyway? The idea is pretty much fleshed out, now I just need a good title. It’s always the damn title that gets me.

End of Month Stats

So, July has come and gone. I figured I would report my end of month stats, as a little progress marker. Might make this a regular thing. Might not. Probably will though.

Let’s see. I started posting in this blog regularly in February of this year. Since then, the stats are as follows.

2017 total views: 5.5k

Highest month for views (June): 1.9k

July: 1.5k

Followers: 324

Took a bit of a hiatus in July due to vacation. Hope to ramp it up again for August. I’ll have to find some way to distract myself from the fact that I’m sweating buckets.

Why the picture of Anthony Scaramucci? Well, I have to stick to the political theme somehow, right? Also, I gotta admit that it’s been challenging to figure out what to focus on when it comes to this doomsday tableau. This upcoming month will probably be as interesting as the last. Just hope the writers know what they’re doing.


President Trump, Our Beleaguered POTUS

Beset with difficulties
Not diffident
Nor remorseful
He traipses across the vast clay territory
Not quite judicious
Not exactly seeking redemption

Our Beleaguered POTUS pens a letter
The ink a never-ending supply of reprisal
What is a man to do when the plain folds up and turns to the sky?

Loyalty is trending now
A mighty royal word only used in the worst of cases
Redefined constantly by a blue-blooded bastard*

*But trump (with a lowercase “t”) isn’t royalty. Has it ever occurred to “the people” that such historical analogies fuel the narrative of being untouchable, superior, and above it all? An abusive, inconsistent, dunderhead of a king is still a king, right? And sometimes, we tend to respect authority when it is consistently and severely abused.

Is trump (again, with a lowercase “t”) a king? Hardly. But you never know, his vice-laden successor might become one.

The quiet threat always seems less important than the most colorful one. Mike Pence is the grey, lifeless soldier. trump, the not exactly charismatic but hard to ignore former real estate mogul with a mysterious past that is always up for reinterpretation.

Ebb and Flow of Writing

The last post I made on here was 9 days ago. I think this is because I’ve resumed writing on my novel again and have a difficult time juggling many creative projects and sustaining interest in them simultaneously.

What a monumental task this has been! It started out as a short story, then I wrote an extension to that story. Not satisfied with that, I wrote a replacement for that extension, only to finally decide to merge the two and write a novel.

So far I’ve finished one novella, (which was actually one long poem with not very good dialogue), and have one attempt at a novel languishing on my Google Drive, as well as this current project.

I think what I might do is post on this blog once a week, using it as a sort of “creative vacation” from this novel that I’m working on.

Hmm. Sounds like a plan. Too bad though that I can’t write this hot and overly buggy summer away. That would be nice.

Ted Cruz, A Lovecraftian Menace

He floats across a grand hall
His robe aflutter

Not exactly an angel
Not quite the devil either
No, merely a man
Walking flesh using earthly laws
For heavenly gain

A lich spins like god’s chosen orb
Dripping ink of the most opportune color
But ink can’t shake hands
It must foster an illusion
That hands were shook