The Trump Age, “An Anxious Corridor”

I’ve had a hard time encapsulating The Trump Age until very recently. To me, it seems like a waiting period. A narrow world waiting to expand to something much more life-altering. Just a few things.

Except that the blender-in-chief put rumors to rest that the antipathy-inspiring Secretary of State isn’t going anywhere (although Trump made a point to mention that he “has the final say”). So, this example and the Flynn thing do a good job of making me doubt labeling this period as “An Anxious Corridor.” Why? Well, we’ve been wondering about Tillerson’s ouster for months (at least, I have). Flynn has had a target painted on his back since not long after the inauguration. Essentially, we’ve waited for the political mushroom cloud to light up the sky, but as of yet nothing.

Maybe Anxious Carousel would be better? Still, sometimes going round and round wears down institutions that keep the status quo. Normally, I don’t care about keeping the status quo, but replacing it with this guy? Or judicial clones of him? Doesn’t seem like a sustainable way to live.

Or what if Father Pence becomes the next POTUS? There are a lot of aspects to think about, which could keep you occupied for days on end, and before you’re done fully contemplating them, more delightful baubles of chaos arrive.

A corridor? A carousel? A fascinating historical tube with no way out? Whichever way you choose to describe it, it’s a consistent opportunity for everyone to exercise a little narcissism.

You’re probably asking “is he going to end this post on a high note?”



30 Replies to “The Trump Age, “An Anxious Corridor””

    1. It would also be a bad political move to fire Tillerson at this point.

      As far as having a Nixonian outcome, historical analogies are comforting to fall back on, but the process of impeachment seems as much a political process as it is a legal one. Democratic House members are divided on the issue.

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  1. Democratic House members are divided so far. Perhaps they want to wait until the midterm elections decide what the new composition of the House will be. At any rate, Nixon wasn’t impeached–he resigned. As for Pence, I think he can be dispensed with in some way for his own set of obstruction/lies. Not that this leaves us with very good alternatives–obviously.


  2. Yes, he resigned. But what will the mindset of President Trump be when his time comes? His brand is “not back down.” We can’t say that the political circumstances will be severe enough that he will resign because of what supposedly looms on the horizon. Some of the Democratic lawmakers have to be careful since they’ve won in districts that Trump also claimed in the elections. Like you said, it’s also that some of them are biding their time until the midterms/something concrete turns up in the Mueller investigation.

    Also true: Pence could be removed by the same probe. Which leaves, Paul Ryan as POTUS? His campaign promise is essentially attacking entitlement reform, such as Social Security and Medicare. So, yeah, we’re not in the best of situations.


    1. Good question. Or, more slightly different ideologies will hijack the established Republican and Democrat labels.

      And wasn’t “may you live in interesting times” meant to be an insult? haha.


  3. Enjoyed my first look at your site here. I guess you can call me MacArthur, because I shall be back. And despite any of the more depressing stuff above these comments, you do your best to have a great New Year.

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  4. Thanks for taking a look at my Stone Circles of England post. Given the topic and tone of this post, I think you might appreciate most any of my 27 editorials that I have written on my own blog – I just posted editorial #27 tonight, the topic of which is my thought on how the Democrats can create a positive message out of that abominable tax plan, rather than just complaining about how bad it is. At any rate, thanks for checking out my blog, and I will become one of your many followers now as well.

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    1. The Republican tax plan is god awful, and 2018 is partially dependent on how deftly the Democrats use it to ride the wave of anti-trump sentiment all the way to a congressional majority. Let’s hope.


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